(the non damaging smoothing treatment) 
*please note a consultation is required to have this service and your maintenance shampoo and conditioner is included in this price* 
So, what is the Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Therapy? 
This is a progressive straightening treatment for all hair types. It includes the protein Keratin, which conforms to the European and International standards, making it 100% safe to use on your hair! 
This technique is used to eliminate frizz and leave your hair with a velvety, tangle free feel. 
From heavily coloured to virgin hair, this treatment works on all hair types. Don’t worry about maintenance, because this treatment lasts a whole three months! That’s right, no longer do you need to worry about your scheduling in your daily session with your straighteners; think of all that time you’ll save. 
What products will be used on my hair? 
The formula consists of a hydrolysed keratin and quaternised collagen-based protein complex which is mixed with glyoxylic acid to ensure that lasting shine. This is mixed with Babassu Oil which contains the moisturising properties to keep your hair silky and soft. 
Your treatment will see the Keratin products being used, from the deep cleansing shampoo, to the maintenance conditioner, which are yours to take home at the end of your session! These products will also be available to buy in salon so that you can continue the upkeep. With minimal aid of heat, it will reshape the arrangement of the keratin chains within your hair, which gives that oh so smooth result! 
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